Integrity Asset Services LLC

We specialize in the nationwide recovery and return of assets to the rightful owners. We take great pride in helping people recover unclaimed assets they never even knew existed!

If you have found our webpage, you have most likely already been contacted by us concerning assets which you or someone you may know is entitled to reclaim. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY in contacting us as there are often statutory time limits involved which may expire and cause you to LOSE any chance of recovering your assets FOREVER!

Please send us a message by clicking the red “Get In Touch With Us!” button below to begin YOUR asset recovery process immediately!


It is our greatest joy to be engaged in an ethical business that helps people recover assets they never even knew existed! We only do business in a truly WIN-WIN fashion with integrity, diligence, and honesty.


We use advanced research techniques to locate unclaimed assets all across the United States. We then locate the rightful owners of those assets and assist them in the recovery process.


In some cases, we can even arrange an upfront partial payment (10%) of the full recovery amount to the claimant within 2 weeks of completing our recovery agreement!

Let us help YOU recover

what rightfully belongs to YOU!